Interview With Alex Megos About Fight Club (5.15b)

Sterling Athlete Alex Megos talks to us about his latest trip to Canada to visit fellow Sterling Athlete, Sonnie Trotter and his historic first ascent of Fight Club (5.15b) the first 5.15 established in Canada.


Sterling: What was the most challenging part of the route?

Alex: I think the most challenging part of the route was the section in the middle where I decided to change beta after trying it for a couple of days already. That was the move where I fell most and which was the most unsecure move in the whole route.


Sterling: Why did you choose to go climbing with Sonnie in Canada?

Alex: The whole trip was an idea Sonnie had while he was over in the Frankenjura to climb with me. The actual plan for the trip was to do a big link up of 3 demanding multipitch routes. But, as usual, it all came different so I ended up doing mostly sport climbing, but as well a bit of trad and multipitch climbing and even some bouldering.
Already on the first day Sonnie showed me the project which later became Fightclub. I was straight away psyched but it actually still took me 2 weeks to go back there and finally start trying it properly.

Sterling: What is your favorite Sterling rope and why?

Alex: My favourite sterling rope is the Aero. Perfect handling, durable to check out routes but still super thin and light to try hard on red point attempts. And it's got a nice colour too ;-)

Sterling: What are you working on now? Where are your travels taking you next?

Alex: At the moment I'm working on getting back into shape after a finger injury that forced me to rest for almost 4 months now. The finger is getting better from week to week and I finally could start training again for a couple of weeks. Still a ways to go though...
I've got a few shorter trips in mind but the next best trip for me will probably be South Africa this summer!


Talk soon and greetings from somewhere in Austria


Learn more about Alex's favorite rope, the Evolution Aero.




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