Recommended Configurations for the Ultimate Positioning Lanyard


Our Ultimate Positioning Lanyard was developed in conjunction with NATS and is made from ultra-strong Technora® material with multiple attachments for secure positioning in a variety of configurations. In coordination with Ed Carpenter, Chief Instructor at NATS, we have developed several approved configurations for positioning during in-canopy operations.  


Standard Configuration 

The Standard Lanyard Configuration from hip-to-hip would be considered typical “Work Positioning Lanyard” use with one Falcon AL terminal connector to one hip D-ring and RIT eye-and-eye and Micro Pulley adjuster element to the other hip.



up_lanyard_illustrations-04.pngM System 

This configuration allows the climber to utilize the RIT Bound Loop Prusik and the end of the climbing line as an additional positioning element for multiple tie-in points and enhanced access in difficult work positions.




2-in-1 Positioning Master 

This configuration gives the climber two points of contact when positioning using the RIT Bound Loop Prusik. This is beneficial when finding a comfortable work position is challenging.




up_lanyard_illustrations-01.pngSingle Leg Up off the Bridge

The single leg configuration maximizes the full length of the lanyard off the bridge of the harness and uses the Thimble Prusik for a clean connection and to prevent cross-loading of connectors.


The Ultimate Positioning Lanyard is available in two lengths and includes all the hardware you'll need to integrate into your gear immediately. Watch the video for more information on how to set up each of these configurations. 




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